We empower our attorneys to truly get to know their clients, which is why you can be sure that you will be heard and understood. No matter what circumstance brings you to our office, you can be confident in the fact that you will work with a talented attorney who is experienced in the particular area of law required for your case.

Our attorneys at Serkland Law Firm are among the most talented in their respective practice areas. They have earned numerous accolades from both local and national publications, and they work hard to resolve legal problems in the most effective and cost efficient manner for their clients.

Photo of Jane L. Dynes
Jane L. Dynes
Alissa R. Farol
Alissa R. Farol Czapiewski
Jack G. Marcil
Photo of James R. Maring
James R. Maring
Photo of Ian R. McLean
Ian R. McLean
Photo of Ronald H. McLean
Ronald H. McLean
Photo of Kasey D. McNary
Kasey D. McNary
Photo of Roger J. Minch
Roger J. Minch
Nancy J. Morris
Nancy J. Morris
Ana A. Neir
Ana A. Neir
Photo of Berly D. Nelson
Berly D. Nelson
Photo of Timothy G. Richard
Timothy G. Richard
William B. Wischer
William B. Wischer
Photo of Peter W. Zuger
Peter W. Zuger